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Accent Direct Vent Gas Insert

Upgrade your fireplace and your decor with the Accent insert. The warm, dancing flames of its patented Natural Flame burner bring a cozy touch to your room. Read More

Model Details

Natural Flame burner system
Enjoy dancing, realistic flames — The aluminized pan burner produces realistic, randomly dancing flames. Its large ember bed and glowing ceramic fiber logs add to the overall fire viewing experience.
Deluxe Control Panel
User friendly controls — The full-featured control panel offers convenient access to all your fireplace functions.
Standard Blower Included
Save on utility costs — The heat-activated blower features variable speed controls to help distribute the fireplace’s warmth efficiently.
Up to 30,500 BTUs
Stay warm and cozy — This insert delivers a range of BTUs from 20,500 to 30,500, so you'll stay nice and warm while efficiently heating the room to help lower heating costs.
Up to 382 sq. in. of Viewing Area
Check out the view — With up to 382 sq. in. of viewing area, friends and family can enjoy the lovely flame picture from almost anywhere in the room.

Quick Look

Direct Vent
Heating Capacity
Up to 1,360 sq. ft.
Max BTU / H
Cost to Operate

* Based on cost/therm. According to the Federal Register Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products.

Guides & Literature

Finishing Options

  • Trim Kits Trim Kits Clean Face: I380SMBL. Beveled: I380BSSBL, I380BSLBL. Flat: I380SSBL, I380SLBL.Three different trim styles allow you to blend your new fireplace insert into your existing decor with ease.
  • Cabinet Door Frame Cabinet Door Frame I380CDFBThis frame is required for cabinet door installation.
  • Cabinet Doors with Screen Cabinet Doors with Screen I380CDBA screened door set provides a decorative accent that adds allure to your fireplace.
  • Bay Front Fire Screen Bay Front Fire Screen I380BWFBLThis protective firescreen has an attractive "bay window" design, bringing an expansive accent to your hearth.
  • Thermostat Bulb Sensor Thermostat Bulb Sensor TSAdds thermostat control to millivolt ignition fireplaces.
  • Field Fuel Conversion Kits Field Fuel Conversion Kits Natural Gas to Propane: 380CKP. Propane to Natural Gas: 380CKN.These conversion kits allow you to change the fuel input of your gas appliance at home.
  • On/Off Remote Controls On/Off Remote Controls RCB(E), RCMT, TSMT, WMTD, TLMOn/Off control systems allow you to ignite and turn off your fire remotely, and they feature safety features such as a child lockout mode and thermo shutdown. Visit Ambient Technologies for more information.
  • Thermostat Remote Controls Thermostat Remote Controls RCST(E), RCT, TSST, WWTD, WTThermostat remote systems allow you to input your desired room temperature, and they feature safety features such as a child lockout mode and thermo shutdown. Visit Ambient Technologies for more information.
  • Full Function Remote Controls Full Function Remote Controls RCSIT, RCSITEA, RCSTEBAFull Function remotes provide thermostat control, plus Total System Control, which allows you to control advanced functions like flame height, blower speed, and more. Visit Ambient Technologies for more information.

Accent Model Line-Up

Unique features by model number

Model Number IDV380NVC IDV380PVC
Heating Capacity Up to 1360 Up to 1200
Max BTU/H (Natural Gas) 30,500 N/A
Max BTU/H (LP) N/A 28,000
Cost to Operate $0.33 $0.76
Fuel Type Natural Gas Liquid Propane

Common features for this family

Styling N/A
  • 30-3/16 (W)
  • 22-3/4 (H)
  • 16-5/16 (D)
Minimum Opening Dimensions
  • 28 (W)
  • 21 (H)
  • 16 (D)
  • 21(RW)
Ignition System Millivolt
Termination Top
Certifications CSA Design
Spec Sheets
& Manuals