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Biltmore Wood Burning Fireplace

The impressive Biltmore fireplace gives you more of what you’re looking for. Its three large sizes all come equipped with radiant face design, so you’ll see more of your fire with no smoke baffles getting in the way. Read More

Model Details

Full Refractory Firebox
The genuine article — With a complete refractory brick lining, the Biltmore’s firebox is easy to clean, and its brick pattern brings a classic style to your hearth.
Two Gas Knockouts
Designed to accommodate your needs — With openings for a gas line on either side of the firebox, you can easily add an optional gas log set to your wood-burning fireplace.
Firebrick Options
Two looks to choose from — Biltmore fireplaces offer two choices of refractory firebrick. Select the standard pattern or herringbone to best suit your interior decor.
Up to 1,500 sq. in. of Viewing Area
Check out the view — With up to 1,500 sq. in. of viewing area, friends and family can enjoy the lovely flame picture from almost anywhere in the room.

Available Sizes:

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Finishing Options

  • Black Full Framed Glass Doors Black Full Framed Glass Doors GDB48, GDB54, WSB60BAvailable in 3 sizes, these doors feature a slide opening.
  • Stainless Finish Full Framed Glass Door Stainless Finish Full Framed Glass Door GD54SSThis attractive stainless and glass door kit is for 44" Biltmore models only.
  • Outside Combustion Air Kit Outside Combustion Air Kit AK4Convert your fireplace to draw air in from outside the house.

Biltmore Model Line-Up

Unique features by model number

Size 38" 38" 44" 44" 50"
Model Number SB38 SB38HB SB44 SB44HB SB50HB
Styling Traditional Firebrick Herringbone Firebrick Traditional Firebrick Herringbone Firebrick Herringbone Firebrick
  • 47-1/8 (W)
  • 52-3/4 (H)
  • 26-3/8 (D)
  • 47-1/8 (W)
  • 52-3/4 (H)
  • 26-3/8 (D)
  • 53-1/8 (W)
  • 52-3/4 (H)
  • 26-3/8 (D)
  • 53-1/8 (W)
  • 52-3/4 (H)
  • 26-3/8 (D)
  • 59 (W)
  • 67 (H)
  • 28-1/2 (D)
Certifications UL UL UL UL OMNI
Fire Viewing Area 38" x 27" 38" x 27" 44" x 27" 44" x 27" 50" x 30"
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Common features for this family

Viewing Style Front
Termination Top